Brent Gordon, AKA 'Creator of Memories'

Brent relaxing by the sea in the Galapagos Islands

Brent relaxing by the sea in the Galapagos Islands

With 15 years industry experience, Brent is your go to guy when you are thinking of taking that adventure of a lifetime to those wonderful places on your bucket list. As you can see, he is an experienced traveller who has visited such diverse countries and cultures across the globe. With his brilliant knowledge and creative flair, I am sure Brent will create some unforgettable memories for you.

Most memorable travelling moment

My most memorable travelling moment was actually two incredible experiences, when i was fortunate enough to cruise the Galapagos Islands for 10 days where nature's playground is at its best. Swimming with giant sea lions and turtles and seeing the rare blue footed boobie that only exist on Galapagos was such a brilliant and eye opening adventure. Then to be off to the amazing Machu Picchu in Peru and see such history and its colourful people was truly very special.

Main places Brent has travelled to

Central/South America, South East Asia, USA and UK/Europe

Places Brent enjoys booking

I love to plan trips to Latin America given my travels there and my vast knowledge. It's a continent I am very passionate about.

Favourite thing about working in travel

Working in travel gives me such joy because I believe everyone must experience this incredible way of connecting with various cultures and see such history and beauty we have on our planet.

Couldn’t leave home without

My open attitude to be respectful and kind to all cultures and their religions and most importantly ... just have fun!