Katie Selby, AKA 'Curator of Life & Style'

Katie Oyster Dining in Tasmania

Katie Oyster Dining in Tasmania

Katie is a designer by trade, and has run a successful branding business since 2002. Her role as 'Curator of Life & Style' comes from her ability to see what is missing or not working in someone’s life, and putting together a solution that really works.

Katie brings to Metro Travel her business expertise, great management of people and her love of travel, good food and wine.

Most memorable travelling moment

When James sailed us out into the middle of the beautiful Fijian water on a Hobie Cat and proposed to me (on his birthday!). It was so unexpected – a moment I’ll never forget. Lucky I said yes or I may have gone overboard! 

Main places she has travelled to

I was lucky to grow up with parents that loved to travel – every school holidays we’d go straight to the airport. I have travelled the world, but still have a few places on the list that I can’t wait to visit, including Croatia and Japan.

Places she enjoys booking

The Norwegian Fjords. They're surrounded by the most incredible mountains and the people there are beautiful too. They also have the best king crab I've ever tasted – caught and cooked in front of you by the locals. It's a breathtaking place and worth cruising around.

Favourite thing about working in travel

Seeing customers smile. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people fulfil their travelling dreams and giving them experiences they'll never forget.

Couldn’t leave home without

Good food and wine.