British Airways' new Boeing 777-300

Eleni, with her First Class 'glow'

Eleni, with her First Class 'glow'

Eleni and Marty were invited to inspect the new British Airways Boeing 777-300. Here’s what they thought …

We have to say we were both quite reserved on our opinions on the new British Airways Boeing 777, but we are happy to report we were both suitably impressed (even though the crew were almost pubescent, although very sharply presented!).

Their First-Class cabin is very sleek with full amenity compartments reflecting a very boutique feel in black and blue. Their Premium Economy was also impressive, and probably our favourite of their cabins, they’re spacious and comfortable (tip of the day, Highly recommended!). The Economy cabin is also very good, but the Business Cabin (aka, Club World) I’m afraid, gave us the immediate sense of claustrophobia. Unusual that the seat closest to the window faces the rear of the plane, while the seat next to it faces the front, not ideal for couples wishing to sit next to each other. 

All cabins had great features, although, despite Business having a 'fully flat' pitch and a great seat, it still seems a little pokey. Economy and Premium offer the 3-3-3 configuration rows of seating. 

Overall, their Premium economy was probably the real winner here and even more so at the best value price.

British Airways operate their Boeing 777-300 from Sydney to Singapore and Hong Kong, to then connect onto London on larger aircraft such as Airbus. 

Was a great experience, thanks British_Airways

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