Felicia Georgas, AKA 'The Group Goddess'

Felicia enjoying the late night shopping in Vegas.

Felicia enjoying the late night shopping in Vegas.

Felicia is a goddess of many things, but for us she’s known as ’The Group Goddess'. Felicia has many years in the travel industry, she plans, books and escorts all our private group tours from our trackside private marquee at the races, to taking you and seeing all the sites of Greece that only the locals know.

Most memorable travelling moment

While staying in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, I was fortunate enough to meet some locals who included us in celebrating 'Ferragosto'. They took us down to the beach where we had a bonfire and watched the fireworks display, sipping beers and admiring the super yachts of the rich and famous. It was a truly magical moment.

Main places she has travelled

Greece and Italy, North and Western Europe, Egypt, Middle East, South East Asia, Fiji, New Zealand, USA and most of Australia!

Places she enjoys booking

Greece and the Mediterranean. 

Favourite thing about working in travel

Constantly working on new and exciting projects for all different types of people, with the ability to get creative.

Couldn’t leave home without

My runners, I'm always keen for a workout.