FINALLY! River Cruising For The Younger Generation. Rolling On The Rhine Delightfully Quirky.

We are so excited to see U by Uniworld just releasing cruises for the younger generation. Here's one of our faves!

Amsterdam is just the beginning. On this cruise along the Rhine river, you’ll have three days to spend in this laid-back and forward-thinking Dutch hotspot, along with stops in Haarlem, Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz and Frankfurt. All in all, you’ll dine on local specialties during a U Time Dutch cheese tasting. You’ll spend several nights out on the town—Cologne’s Gothic Evening adventure is a prime example. And you’ll get your fix of famous artwork, incredible scenery and a look into Europe’s history and culture. Whatever your travel personality, this cruise is sure to please.

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Included Night Out - Amsterdam After Dark

Step off the ship and you’re in downtown Amsterdam. Embark on a host-escorted walk to get your bearings, then take off to take on some of the best nightlife in all of Europe. Enjoy local beer and fare in city centre party bars. Dance yourself dizzy to rock or techno at Melkweg. Then explore Amsterdam’s cultural hot spots like Rembrandtplein square, Leidseplen, Jordaan and the Red Light District. The fun won’t stop until you realize it’s tomorrow.

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Included – Hip Haarlem vibes

Haarlem is a city outside of Amsterdam in the northwest Netherlands. Huffington Post once called it one of the “10 Secret European Spots You’ll Want to Visit.” We second that, and you will too. Explore the cobbled streets and gabled homes on a host-escorted walk. Experience the medieval charm of a city that was once a major North Sea trading port. Discover its poppin’ pub, food and shopping scenes before making your way downtown to experience the lively local market. The locals adore Haarlem, and today, you'll do as they do.

Included Night Out – Amsterdam Adventure Time

Spoiler alert: Amsterdam lives up to the hype. But don't just take our word for it. This is your chance to experience the city for yourself. Hop on a bike and glide through the Jordaan. Take a stroll into the famous Red Light District. If you're feeling overwhelmed with options (it happens), check out the free events section in "I Amsterdam." Variety is the spice of life.

U Time – Feel The Rush

Adrenaline junkies can have a go at sea kayaking or test drive the latest extreme sport craze—blokarting on the beach. These custom-built karts are equipped with sails and can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour. Not for the faint of heart!

U Time – Red Light Special

What do you get when you pair the world’s oldest profession with Amsterdam’s oldest neighborhood? The notorious Red Light District. You could visit on your own, of course, but it’s much more fun with a local expert to show you around.

U Time – Church of Beer

Visit a sinfully good brewery housed in a former church in the center of Haarlem, where you can dine on delicious pub grub and try three kinds of beer.

U Time – Smell The Flowers

With its acres of tulips in eye-popping colors, Keukenhof Gardens is a floral extravaganza that definitely lives up to the hype (open April and May only).

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Included – 24 hrs in Amsterdam

Get acquainted with the Netherlands’ capital city in just 24 hours. Your host will help you get the lay of the land. From then on, Amsterdam is yours to discover. Experience the city’s charm and beauty on a pleasant canal cruise through Prinsen Keizers and Herengracht on your way to Prinsengracht. From there, you’ll be just a stone's throw away from Jordaan, Damrak and Kaiserstraat. Take a tram to the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum to discover the city’s history. Your host will give you a 24-hour public transportation ticket so you can explore at your own pace.

U Time – Smell The Flowers

With its acres of tulips in eye-popping colors, Keukenhof Gardens is a floral extravaganza that definitely lives up to the hype (open April and May only).

U Time – A Mixologist's Dream

Embark on a mixology odyssey in the heart of Amsterdam at the House of Bols Cocktail & Genever, “the world’s largest cocktail experience.” The operative word here is cocktail—need we say more?

U Time – A Secret Place

For anyone who has ever read Anne Frank’s famous diary, an opportunity to climb up to the “Secret Annex”—the attic rooms where her family once hid from the Nazis—is a profoundly moving experience.

U Time – Say Cheese

This delicious crash course on Dutch cheese takes place in a wonderfully atmospheric tasting room inspired by Holland’s Golden Age.

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Included Night Out – Bottoms Up

Two words: German beer. It's world-famous for a reason, and part of that reason is here. Step off the A gangplank and take a gander at the amazing spires of Cologne Cathedral on your way to Dom Platte. As the epicenter of the city’s night time pub scene, it’s a perfect place to drink Kölsch beer and mingle. What’s so special about Kölsch beer? It’s brewed from mainly Pilsner salts right there in Cologne, Germany, and served in a fancy glass. Save room and come thirsty.

U Time – Mine Biking

Our Iron Age bike tour offers an intriguing perspective on Germany's heavy industry heritage (yes, really), with a stop at the Zollverein coal mine industrial complex. Considered an architectural and technical masterpiece, this UNESCO site now serves as a dynamic center for German arts and culture.

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Included – Cologne Cathedral Through the Ages

Calling all architecture buffs—this one’s for you. Behold the Cologne Cathedral, a striking example of heaven-pointing building design. As a world-renowned monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture, it was officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Over 20,000 people walk its corridors every day, making it the most visited landmark in Germany. Questions? Our local expert will share details of its construction, history and religious importance.

Included – Rhine Rider

Grab your helmet and get ready for romance. This sentimental bike ride will trace the beautiful Rhine River. Roll from Cologne to Bonn, or from Bonn to Remagen. Stop for pictures whenever you please and take in the sights of historical Germany. The journey will conclude at the Bridge of Remagen, famous for its role in World War II.

Included Night Out – German Corners

Follow your host on an evening walk through German Corner, a.k.a. Koblenz, one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful towns. Vineyards, forests and exotic mountain ranges form the backdrop to a town with over 2,000 years of storied history. Whether you wind up along the Rhine shores or inside one of many cozy taverns under the stars, you’ll be eating, drinking and lounging like you live there.

U Time – A Night at the Castle

Get ready to hike up and explore Rheinstein Castle and its beautiful Burgundy garden. Toast with the owners and then explore this fascinating castle on your own. When you roam around in the crypt, banquet halls, private quarters and spectacular towers you'll get the spookiest up-close insights into what castle life was all about. Afterwards return to Koblenz and hit one of the local pubs!

U Time – German History

Despite its rather stiff sounding name, the German National Museum of Contemporary History in Bonn is home to an extraordinary collection spanning German history from the Cold War to the present day.

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Included Night Out – Germany's Melting Pot

Arrive in the heart of the city and follow your host on a short orientation walk. After, it’s off to the races. Experience Frankfurt, a cosmopolitan city built upon contrasts. Eat, drink and be merry in the traditional Ebbelwoi bars in Sachsenhausen. Then class it up and dance through the posh clubs in the banking district. Frankfurt is made up of people from 180 different nations. Wealthy bankers, college students and granola drop-outs coexist in a city home to some of the highest, most avant-garde skyscrapers in all of Europe. Everybody belongs, and there’s plenty of fun to go around.

U Time – Abbey Wine

“Game of Thrones” fans will love Eberbach Monastery—its ethereal 12th-century architecture made it an ideal film location for the show. There are no dragons here today, but you can taste the abbey’s Rieslings and enjoy a scenic bike ride, too.

U Time – Cheese Academy

Learn how to make traditional hand-crafted cheese in small copper vats with a master cheese affineur, and pair it with the finest Rieslings in the industrial-chic setting of a historic brandy factory.

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Included – Frankfurt Foodie Call

As continental Europe’s largest financial center and home to the world’s biggest book fair and auto show, Frankfurt attracts every kind of traveler. Head for downtown and immerse yourself in the world’s cultures. Check out the historical Römerberg in Old Town. Some of the buildings date back to the 14th and 15th centuries, but many were rebuilt after they were destroyed in World War II. Then head for the Klein Markt Halle to shop for ingredients needed for a host-escorted cooking class. Work up an appetite, because you eat what you make. Cap it all off with shopping in the city’s huge Sunday flea market.

Included Night Out – Sun Down in Frankfurt

Frankfurt may have a reputation as a world financial hub, but there's plenty to do after the sun sets. Head to the world-famous Gibson Club to feel the unique pulse of Germany's most international city. Guests can enjoy live music from world-renowned club acts and first-rate DJs. Looking for something more low-key? Go to the Galileo high-rise building near the central station and enjoy a classical theatre production at the English Theatre. Since 1979, its productions have inspired lovers of English-language plays, and they likely will inspire you.

U Time – Life Of The Rothschilds

The Jewish people have played a key role in Frankfurt’s success, most notably the Rothschilds—their incredible rags-to-riches story has all the elements of a Hollywood movie. Learn more at the Jewish Museum and visit the Jewish cemetery and its Wall of Remembrance.

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Disembark and head off to your next adventure.

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