Aaron Baynton, AKA 'The Polar Down Under'

Aaron catching sight of 7 Pyramids of the Giza Plateau from a camel.

Aaron catching sight of 7 Pyramids of the Giza Plateau from a camel.

Aaron, AKA as ‘The Polar Down Under’ joins the Metro Travel family all the way from the Great White Northern reaches of Canada! His degrees in history and the classical world allow him to tap into the past and really craft those cultural experiences that you're craving. If you want someone who's going to invest the time and energy from the conception of your idea to fulfillment of your dream, then Aaron is your man. His past clients have always appreciated the time and energy that goes into each of the adventures he plans because he knows that these trips will remain as lasting memories in their minds. Expect a smooth and pleasant experience when booking with Aaron, from start to finish, you won't be disappointed, especially if you're into Disney – this guys a total geek for it!.

Most memorable travelling moment

Perhaps one of the greatest moments in travel came when I was finally able to reach the Giza Plateau in Egypt. I had been dreaming and reading about this site since I was four years old – always wanting to explore and see the pyramids in the flesh. When we hopped off the bus and made our way closer to the stone monoliths, all sounds drown out until it was just me and these ancient structures. I'll never forget the rush I felt standing there amongst some of civilizations greatest feats. That's why I do this, so that you too can experience the rush of long-held dreams finally coming to fruition.

Main places he has travelled to

Canada, United States (Florida/California/Hawaii/New York), Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, United Kingdom, Egypt and Nepal.

Places he enjoys booking

I love getting someone excited about the places I've personally been – but I have to say that booking Greek island hoppers/honeymoons, hand-crafting Italian adventures, and putting together itineraries that criss cross Southeast Asia have become second nature to me. As well, with my extensive background in the North American market I could easily put together that city stay in New York City, that hop through the Hawaiian islands, give some extensive tips on the where to's and what not's of California, help you put together that epic adventure to Disneyworld, Florida or show you what the vast expanses of Canada have to offer.

Favourite thing about working in travel

I've always loved that working in travel has never truly felt like 'work' to me. The fact that my job allows; a retiree to cross a bucket-list trip off their roster, a family to finally venture out on that first great adventure together, a solo individual to take that leap into a world unknown, or completes a couples wedding plans by having the honeymoon of a lifetime, is all too exciting for me! We're in the business of making memories happen and dreams come true, what could be more rewarding than that?

Couldn’t leave home without

Plain and simple, my camera. As much as I try to get lost in the moment and not to live my entire trip behind the screen of an electronic device, I want to make sure I'm capturing these memories not only for myself but to share with friends and family upon return.

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